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Same for me. I started to use Linux when Win95 came out. One of the reasons was that I hated the Win95 file manager, having learned to use the Norton Commander on DOS. I also had been running Norton DOS and had constructed a number of *.bat files to streamline my work, especially handling the writing of LaTeX files, and Win95 would not let them run because they depended on the enhanced features of the N-DOS And Win95 would not let me use the N-DOS and provided no acceptable substitute for its functionality. It seemed that Win95 was designed to punish me for everything I had learned about how to make a computer work for me instead of forcing me to work for it. So when I heard about the existence of Linux I downloaded it and installed it, found out that it met my needs, and have never looked back.

The only thing that messes me up nowadays is that the format of mc.ext was changed at some point and a lot of stuff in it quit working. I either have to use an old-style one that I kept, or else I have to edit by hand the new ones that come out. Otherwise, it seems that xdg-open simply does not work in the terminal for a lot of stuff, seems to think I am in an X environment when I am not, wants to run an X-dependent application, and can't.

But I have never found any adequate substitute for MC.

Theodore Kilgore

On Thu, 29 Nov 2018, James Wonnacott wrote:

I've only ever used CLI since I started with Linux in mid 90s and MC is always the first thing I install on a new system. Many thanks to all!


On 30/11/2018 02:56, solarflow99 via mc wrote:
I have to say i'm also very grateful for it. Having mc installed is a necessity, i'm really surprised its use isn't even more widespread among CLI users.

On Thu, Nov 29, 2018 at 6:13 PM Nate Bargmann <n0nb n0nb us <mailto:n0nb n0nb us>> wrote:

    I'll take this opportunity to thank all of the contributors to this
    wonderful program that I have been using since 1996 with my first
    into Slackware Linux.  I recall that its package description said
    something about Norton Commander, but I never saw it or used it
    back in
    my MS/PC-DOS days.

    Midnight Commander is the first package I install on a new system
    if it
    isn't installed already.  I recommend it to everyone interested in
    trying Linux.  It is such a versatile program that over time I'll have
    five or six instances of mc running in various virtual terminals.
    Sometimes I'll find I started it twice in the same vt!

    Thanks again.

    - Nate

    "The optimist proclaims that we live in the best of all
    possible worlds.  The pessimist fears this is true."

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