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On 29. Nov 2018, at 12:39, Jack Woehr <jwoehr absolute-performance com> wrote:

Is there a good page which I can cite regarding the history of MC?

I would cautiously recommend the SoftPanorama page:

You’ll quickly realize why only ‘cautiously’ after working through the text, and yet it *is* an invaluable trove full of historical trivia in as far as mc development is concerned. Hope it helps...

Now only if IBM’s love for Open Source went as far as fixing me up with a part-time job to keep Andrew from being the only developer actually writing some code from time to time, struggling to keep the project more alive than dead over the past years... ;-)

Who knows? If Midnight Commander gets popular in the IBM i community, you might be able to get some consulting work!

I don’t want to sound ungrateful, but consulting gigs are a terrible way to fund Open Source projects.

The problem with mc is not as much in finding time or volunteers to implement some specific features, but rather to have someone contribute their time to the tune of 20hpw on a sustained basis to triage and process bug reports, review patches, perform refactorings and write tests, take care of infrastructure, etc.

For those familiar with Python ecosystem, a brilliant example is Django Fellowship. It’s really amazing how Django has unbelievably benefitted from years of constant attention of a single part-time developer funded to take care of all those things in sustained manner...

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