Re: IBM Systems Mag sez "All Hail the Midnight Commander!"

Am 30.11.2018 um 02:56 schrieb Nate Bargmann:
I'll take this opportunity to thank all of the contributors to this
wonderful program that I have been using since 1996 with my first foray
into Slackware Linux.  I recall that its package description said
something about Norton Commander, but I never saw it or used it back in
my MS/PC-DOS days.

Midnight Commander is the first package I install on a new system if it
isn't installed already.  I recommend it to everyone interested in
trying Linux.  It is such a versatile program that over time I'll have
five or six instances of mc running in various virtual terminals.
Sometimes I'll find I started it twice in the same vt!

Thanks again.

- Nate

couldn't say it better...
I used Norton Commander and in his time it plays the same role. All the early Windows freaks played around with their file explorers and I was three times faster to change the config.sys... In 90 I used an east german clone of BSD III with an app named "rnc" and when I changed to Sinix (a SysVR4 Unix derivate) in 91 I even programmed a "lightweight" nc from scratch for my admin purposes (a bloody simple thing). I was surprised (and ashamed for my own elaborate) when I changed to Linux 99 and saw mc!

Since then I use mcedit as my standard programming editor.

So I'm *very* thankful for your work!


Joerg Thuemmler

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