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Felix Miata wrote:

This document was designed for screen viewing and/or projection,

Your statement is an oxymoron. Screen documents are written in one form or
another of XML. However, only I can

And your first statement is factually incorrect. As the one who made the
document, only I can speak for what it was designed for - and Jim was
correct: It was designed for projection, although it's not too shabby
for screen viewing.

You seem to be confusing your intent with factual charactistics of the web, and we seem to be using different meanings of the word "screen". The URL I provided in my first thread reply explains why PDFs are not suitable as web documents where the term "screen" means computer screen, as opposed to your use as projection screen. Maybe your projector is capable of displaying your PDF document so that it is legible, but initially opened in a web browser as a web document demonstrates both its utter failure as an accessible web document, as well as your HTML version's somewhat less catastrophic failure.

The latter early specifies a 12pt font size. 12pt long ago used to be a reasonable assumption of a safe, legible size, but no more. Even any assumption at all is a problem because it completely disregards user environment, which on today's web is the rule rather than the exception, but nevertheless rude.

On today's web, a 12pt font equals a 12px font. 12pt on the web is a logical size, not a physical size, while 12px is a size that varies according to screen pixel density, the combination of resolution and display dimensions. A 12px font on a 120 DPI screen actually measures 7.2pt. On a 192 DPI screen it measures 4.5pt. Translated, on any but a low resolution computer screen, your documents on open will use fonts that vary between uncomfortably small and utterly illegible.

...given that I'm a newcomer who is seeking help...

If you want to convert your HTML version into a web friendly document, the most important thing necessary is to remove the string "font-size: 12pt;" from the "html { font-family: Times, serif; font-size: 12pt; }" line in the head of the document. With that small change the users' browser default sizes will be the base sizes used, ensuring maximum legibility WRT sizing. There are a few other instances of inappropriate sizing that can be fixed by substituting % or em or smaller or larger or the words xx-small, x-small, small, medium, large, x-large or xx-large for variations in size from users' defaults.
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