Re: Midnight Commander Guide

Felix Miata <mrmazda earthlink net> writes:

This document was designed for screen viewing and/or projection,

Your statement is an oxymoron. Screen documents are written in one form or 
another of XML. However, only I can 

And your first statement is factually incorrect. As the one who made the
document, only I can speak for what it was designed for - and Jim was
correct: It was designed for projection, although it's not too shabby
for screen viewing.

You can argue whatever you want about the /format/, and whether PDF is a
good or poor format for screen viewing, but you can't freely ascribe
intentions to its purpose - that would be speaking on my behalf, which
is a no-no.

It's probably silly of me to respond in this fashion, given that I'm a
newcomer who is seeking help from the mailing list, but if you're going
to respond with dogmatism, then I'll respond in kind. 

I was about to write a detailed response to your first email outlining
the reasons I chose PDF over, say, HTML, but I wonder if it's worth the
trouble. The short answer is that I /can/ create a HTML document out of
it, and if enough people are interested, I hope to host it wherever this
PDF will live. However, at the moment the HTML exporter is including
some LaTeX commands into the HTML text and I would need to find an
automated way of cleaning it up before I can provide it to the public.

And I may put all the source material on some source control repository
if this ends up going anywhere.

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