re: disable mouse sort order?

It would appear that on May 1, Alan Corey did say:
{While "Replying to several comments at once here" so not all "> >" are me...}

I don't have any wheel mice.  I consider them to be an evil invention
by Microsoft designed to cause repetitive strain disorder.

As bad as a wheel mouse can be, Have you ever tried to work with a touchpad
equipped laptop when the outer edges are defined as virtual vertical and
horizontal scroll wheels??? I don't get why the people at Synaptics can't
figure out that a potentially large number of people would be more likely
to accept a touchpad based laptop again next time, If they made it easy to
select a simple touchpad configuration where drifting a little to close to
the edge doesn't drastically change the block of text your trying to mark.
And where click events happen only when using the actual buttons...

But at least with Linux there are a few options. The easiest way for me to
survive the fancy touchpad on my laptop is to put:

synclient TouchpadOff=2

in my ~/.xinitrc... For those {thankfully rare} times when I must boot
windows on it, I'd kill for a way to make that happen there to... Hmmnnn,
Since it's so much harder to stop the virtual scroll wheel, and other
exotic touchpad functions in windows... Does that mean that Synaptics is
the result of some evil Microsoft plot to frustrate the world??? ;-7 

alias mc="mc -d"

Now I don't need to remember to type the -d part. And for those rare
occasions when I actually do want enable the mouse support, my .bashrc also

alias mcm=/usr/bin/mc

Works for me...

I didn't know you could define an alias that replaced the actual
command.  I defined mcd as "mc -d".

Of course, an alias only works for actual CLI. If you use an icon or
something like E17's Everything launcher, you'd need to edit the icon
properties or even the .desktop file, {depending} But for me mc, like less,
and vim, are things I start from a bash command line, so an alias is a good
choice. (as long as I remember that I've done it.) 

'.  Will wonders never cease? I have always
used '<ctl>+<mousebutton>', which then waits
for you to confirm with '<enter>', and looses all line-feeds, tabs, and
probably other formatting as well in the process.

Hmm.  I use Joe and paste with a middle click or shift insert.  Works
ok except sometimes for indented text like program code it auto
indents lines that are already indented (or something) so it all
wanders out of the window toward the right side.  I save blocks of
text in /tmp instead.

Yeah, so long as the timeout for the emulate 3 buttons option is slow
enough for my reflexes, I wouldn't mind doing it that way. Except when I
want to paste into a particular spot in the middle of existing text in a
gui application {where the insert point will be determined by the exact
position of the rodent pointer} which for me isn't nearly as stable as
using the existing text cursor position with ^V (provided of course that
I was able to get the selected text into the correct buffer...) With Konsole
that's as easy as {right-click select copy/paste operation from menu} 

I remember when mc used to be small and simple, now it's got so many
dependencies it takes forever to download and build.  It's still about
the 3rd thing I put on a new system though, after my favorite editor
and shell.

For me, being able to get the console friendly applications, mc, vim, less,
& alpine via a distribution's package management systems are an absolute
prerequisite for me to even consider using a distro. And the most important of
those is mc. (heck I even have versions of those installed to my seldom used
windows partitions, though it bugs me that the closest I could get to mc on
the laptop's vista was something called "Far".. Which has the unfortunate
failing that there is no way to enable arrow navigation...) 

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