Re: disable mouse sort order?

Replying to several comments at once here:

If _MOST_ of the time your only clicking to restore focus, and you would
consider disabling mouse support in a configuration file, have you tried
setting an alias in your ~/.bashrc {or equivalent} file???

Mine says:

alias mc="mc -d"

Now I don't need to remember to type the -d part. And for those rare
occasions when I actually do want enable the mouse support, my .bashrc also

alias mcm=/usr/bin/mc

Works for me...

I didn't know you could define an alias that replaced the actual
command.  I defined mcd as "mc -d".

But I'm curious, Why do you dislike the -d option?

Because I only want to have it leave sort order alone, but other mouse
functions still work.

In part because of my difficulty with rodent's I use a trackball.

I had a trackball in one laptop.  Collected lots of crap and I was
forever cleaning it.

You might be able to get away with adding a single file to 'upgrade' mc.  If
you compile --with-ncurses (not slang), and
--without-gpm (or however they are phrased).

That's possibly the best idea I've heard yet, other than just going
into the code and specifically whacking the part that changes the sort

'.  Will wonders never cease? I have always
used '<ctl>+<mousebutton>', which then waits
for you to confirm with '<enter>', and looses all line-feeds, tabs, and
probably other formatting as well in the process.

Hmm.  I use Joe and paste with a middle click or shift insert.  Works
ok except sometimes for indented text like program code it auto
indents lines that are already indented (or something) so it all
wanders out of the window toward the right side.  I save blocks of
text in /tmp instead.

My experience has been that under constant use (with CLI not GUI), 'mc -d'
will sooner or later; crash, hang, lockup, or
otherwise make 'killall mc' a desirable option.  Compiling without gpm
support solved this.  They may have fixed this
brokenness, ... or not, but it's too late for me either way.

I remember when mc used to be small and simple, now it's got so many
dependencies it takes forever to download and build.  It's still about
the 3rd thing I put on a new system though, after my favorite editor
and shell.

I understand.  My mechanical KVM requires a ps2 device imnterface, which now
means special order or second-hand.  I keep
my soldering gun handy.

I keep old stuff for that reason, ps/2 and ata and agp.  My newest
computer  is 8 years old.


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