re: disable mouse sort order?


> Of course, an alias only works for actual CLI.

Au contraire! Any environment variables you set within a command-line-box (xterm, kterm, ...) should persist until the window is closed, but there are other ways to beat the GUI into submission.

If your login takes you straight into a GUI, write the 'alias' command to your '$HOME/.bashrc' (also an opportunity to reaffirm other variables the GUI seems to loose).

As well as (or instead of) alias mc='mc -d', you might also consider adding these to your '.bashrc':
        export PS1='\h:\w\$ '
but especially,
        alias mc='. /usr/bin/ -d'
You may find 'mc-wrapper' in '/usr/share/mc/bin/', or perhaps '/usr/libexec' depending on your distribution.

... on an island, somewhere in the Pacific ...

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