re: disable mouse sort order?


>> I have nothing good to say about starting MC with the -d option and highly
>> reccomend recompiling. Disabling mouse
>> support will still allow gpm copy/paste functions while not operating in a
>> GUI.
> Why? Does it crash if you remove mouse support or something?

I was describing behaviour of 'MC' (compiled with mouse support) initiated with the 'mc -d' switch.
Removing mouse support at compile-time is my solution.
As I said, this sort of behaviour may now have been repaired in recent versions, but I will never know.
Rebuilding 'MC' is one of the first things I do on a new system.

> And I've never seen the GUI version.

I consider a GUI version one that linked to the 'X' libs, but that's not quite what I meant. I was just refering to using 'MC' from within the GUI, (whether built with or without 'X' support). It was speculation that the bad behaviour I observed may have been somehow avoided in the GUI environment.

>> If you wish to avoid rebuilding MC for the time being, I have found simply
>> rolling the mouse wheel will bring the focus
>> back to whichever window you are hovering over, even over the task-bar,
>> usually without disturbing the cursor.
> I don't have any wheel mice.  I consider them to be an evil invention
> by Microsoft designed to cause repetitive strain disorder.

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