Re: Editing a file in CP866 encoding

Yury V. Zaytsev wrote:

Then if you did it this way

localedef -c -f IBM866 -i ru_RU ru_RU.cp866


and both server and the terminal client use 

export LANG=ru_RU.cp866 

The server uses this. I access the server from another computer via ssh
using Konsole. I set CP866 encoding in the Konsole settings.

and Display Bits are set to CP866

Yes, they are. BTW mc does not remember this setting. I set it to CP866,
save setup and after closing mc and opening it again I see '7-bit ASCII'
there. Is it normal?

you should be able to view the files without translation.

Unfortunately I have the problem with the internal editor I have
described in my first message.

I don't have a suitable server / client to test it, but it should work.

Unfortunately it does not.

Best regards,
Michael Dukelsky

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