Re[2]: sftp (part of previous post edited for clarity)

On Sat, 20 Oct 2007, kilgota banach math auburn edu wrote:

Minor suggestion, relating to user friendliness and transparency:

It would be nice if the password prompt would appear in another window
instead of at the bottom of the screen, in the place where the command
line would normally be. Or, if one wants to cover up the command line,
then that window ought to be at the bottom, in technicolor, but it should
then go away if one switches to the right panel.

Sorry, this does not make much sense. I was doing the ssh thing in the left panel, so, by switching to the "right panel" I meant the panel on the right. But this is still not correct. What I meant is, if the password prompt is to be at the bottom of the screen and cover up or partially cover up the command line, then the password prompt should disappear and the command line should come back if one switches to the opposite panel. This combined with the idea that the password prompt should be in a little box of its own, of course.

So, two modest proposals. Take either one if you want it.

1. Password prompt box appears after the connection box has been filled out and acted upon, in approximately the same place.


2. Password prompt appears in a small box at the bottom of the window in which one is doing the connection. Password prompt box disappears when properly filled out (thereby enabling the connection), or in any of the circumstances considered normal, in which the ssh connection is to be aborted.

Clearly these are small issues. However, I think that to do something like this might be good for those who have never seen the ssh connection feature before.

Theodore Kilgore

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