Special characters not showing in on smb shares


I'm located in Iceland, so there are allot of special characters like "á ú í þ ö" in my filenames.  While MC usualy doesn't have problems with these, then problems arise if the the file names are on a mounted smb volume, which was mounted in MC.

Then MC displays these characters all as "?".    This error does only occur if I mount the SMB share through the internal MC smb client.  If I instead mount the share myself using the mount command, then I don't get this error.

A solution to this would be to just mount my shares in the terminal, and then access them trough MC, but for some reason I'we a hard time trying to mount my MAC OS X shares through the terminal (these are smb, but not afp shares). Maybe because they changed smb to cifs?  But I can access my smb shares easily through programs like MC and Krusader.

So anyone know how to fix this problem in MC, or if it's even possible?

Frímann Kjerúlf

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