My initial recommendations for 4.6.2 plus some rambling

These have to do with installation.

1. Look for a way to find what group the TTYs belong to, give cons.saver to that group and install it r-x to run setgid (chmod 2555, I think). That, I believe, ought to keep up both security and convenience.

2. While at it, do a sanity check on the tty, vcs and vcsa devices in case we're on a 2.4 kernel with static devices, and (if we're root and have been given an OK (./configure --enable-tty-sanitation, perhaps)) fix them if they're off.

As to why I've already installed the -pre1, pointing /bin/sh at a dynalinked shell (ash or bash) really sent mc around the bend. Yesterday I even had two confused instances of mc at the same time, one on ssh, the other on the console.

Oh, and just for the hack of it, I went and compiled mc 3.2.11 this morning, just to see if it would. It would, after a bit of cajoling. And it even ran, in glorious monochrome VTvision. Eat your heart out, Hollywood. This is *real* retro.

Reynir H. Stefánsson (reynirhs mi is)
One man's adventure is another one's oh-shit-I'm-gonna-die situation.

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