Re: Shell Link - Window dissapears...

On Thursday 28 December 2006 23:29, you wrote:
Hello Peter,

On Thu, 28 Dec 2006, peter kerzum wrote:
First of all sorry for top posting =)
Pavel, you don't understand most usual trouble in whole IT =)

Maybe I don't - but a good problem report would make
it easier for me to understand.

Yeah, I believe this particular discussion (mc in putty window on
utf/non-utf linux) should leave its trace in some faq =) The trouble is
not only border chars, but defunct keyboard with wrong TERM setting

This has been discussed on the mailing list many times. Searching the
archives should help. Setting TERM properly is vital for any curses
based app out there. I admit that it causes confusion but this is how
it works.

Yeah, I just mean a capitalized guidelines for newbies which use putty in some 
reachable place like '
in RHEL 4 set TERM=xterm
in Debian X set TERM=whatever'

I.e. hints on what correct TERM settings might be in different popular cases

With shell link it takes a total of 30 sec, with 24 of them dedicated to
the 'writing of data' and the next 6 to a pause obscure to me.

As you can see, impact on larger files is even larger.
And this was not LAN! I used to use Samba and NFS to copy music with MC
at my home.

2006-03-30  Dmitry Butskoj  <buc at odusz dot so-cdu dot ru>

         * fish.c (fish_file_store): Improve the upload speed by using the
         `head' utility when possible. Fallback to a new improved `dd'
method if `head' is not availaible or just stupid.

I don't know how slack build their MC package . You may want to check
whether this patch is included - if it is not icluded you could ask the
maintainer to add it. It should make a difference.

Sure, I'll check it. Is this part already a part of latest public releases?
I just gave that warning in assumption that may be Chris lacks this patch too 

Peter A. Kerzum

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