Hello, Pavel, 
First of all sorry for top posting =) 
Pavel, you don't understand most usual trouble in whole IT =) 
Maybe I don't - but a good problem report would make 
it easier for me to understand. 
Yeah, I believe this particular discussion (mc in putty window on utf/non-utf linux) 
should leave its trace in some faq =) The trouble is not only border chars, but 
defunct keyboard with wrong TERM setting 
You'll need it sometimes. Then if Shell VFS is misbehaving, just free it and 
bookmark (you should have SSH keys installed in order to avoid password). Be 
that 'Shell link' is buggy (especially about permissions) and SLOW. Consider using 
'scp' and 'rsync' from command line. 
What do you mean by SLOW ? 
Well, first of all -- slow enough to render whole system backup/restore/migration 
to something impossible. First, I'm using mc 4.6.1 shipped within standard slack 10.2. 
What I'm talking about was always the case unless any recent work is still unknown to 
me. So, welcome numbers =) 
--- Copy 128 empty files 
for i in `seq 128`; do touch $i; done 
time scp -r scp/ arc:tmp 
real    0m7.042s 
user    0m0.028s 
sys     0m0.020s 
The same copy with F5 via shell link (already open) takes at least 22 real. 
That's 3 times on empty files 
--- Copy 1 1mb file 
perl -e 'print "x" x (1024*1024)' > mb 
time scp mb arc:tmp/scp 
real    0m2.108s 
user    0m0.048s 
sys     0m0.012s 
With shell link it takes a total of 30 sec, with 24 of them dedicated to 
the 'writing of data' and the next 6 to a pause obscure to me. 
As you can see, impact on larger files is even larger. 
And this was not LAN! I used to use Samba and NFS to copy music with MC 
at my home. 
ps: I use DSA keys 
Петр Керзум. 

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