Re: cyrillic characters in MC

On Thu, 11 Sep 2003, Vyacheslav Filyayev wrote:

Dear Pavel,
thank you about your help with my and other peoples' problems.

Some more questions.
Where can I find all the possibilities of the section [terminal:xterm]
of ~/.mc/ini file?

Currently you can find it in src/win.c in the sources.

I've committed a patch to CVS that makes mc recognize all keypad
keys in the application mode.

where can I find this patch?

On CVS, obviously.  See details on

This particular patch is here:

I realize what the following question will be far enough from MC, but if
you'll find the time please ask me. I'm using MC with xterm. I launch
xterm with a -fn ? option (I mean with a certain font). All the Cyrillic
characters displayed correctly. But I want to use another font
(console8x16). It includes Cyrillic characters too but at another

Try asking in in local usergroups.  I guess you are trying to use ALT
encoding.  The problem with it is that some symbols overlap with an area
reserved for control characters (128-159).  Many terminals have problems
with this area.  In fact, the recent versions on Midnight Commander don't
output any of these characters on xterm-like terminals because such
symbols are misinterpreted on such terminals (gnome-terminal is the worst

I suggest that you use a font in another encoding.

As a result all the Russian words (I have Russian locale) displayed by
means of Greek and other characters. I've tried to use setfont -u
map-file, where map-file sets up correspondence between symbol number
and character code. This works in text console only (at least it seems
to me), not in MC.

I'm not aware of similar facility for xterm.

How can I change the map in MC? If I could to move arbitrary character
from one position to another in *.pcf font, in other words to edit pcf
fonts, everything would be Ok.

I think you should edit the font or look for some better font.

You can also enable charset support in mc, but it doesn't change that way
how the terminal interprets output - it simply changes the output of mc.
You will still have a problem with characters in the 128-159 range.

Pavel Roskin

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