Re: Quick ".." question

On Sat, 13 Sep 2003, Pete Zieba wrote:


Just wondering what doing a chown on ".." really does. I would interpret
this is acting on the directory you are inside, but it seems that
whatever is set stays on just "..", leaving the directory I am in
unaffected. Do I just not understand the filesystem, or is there another
reason for this behavior?

Actually, ".." is the directory above current, so if you are in /home/foo
and you are changing permissions on "..", you are changing permissions of
/home, not /home/foo.

That's fully consistent with the standard filesystem hierarchy in UNIX
(and POSIX in general), DOS, Windows and OS/2.

"." refers to the current directory.  Midnight Commander doesn't show it
because it's rarely useful for interactive navigation.

I cannot subscribe to the mailing list as I don't have a mail account
which will let me store any reasonable amount of mail. If any replies
could also be sent to my address the help would be greatly appreciated.

That's why GNU Mailman allows you to subscribe but disable mail delivery.

Pavel Roskin

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