cyrillic characters in MC

Dear Pavel,
thank you about your help with my and other peoples' problems. 

Some more questions.
Where can I find all the possibilities of the section [terminal:xterm]
of ~/.mc/ini file?

I've committed a patch to CVS that makes mc recognize all keypad
keys in the application mode.

where can I find this patch?

I realize what the following question will be far enough from MC,
but if you'll find the time please ask me.
I'm using MC with xterm. I launch xterm with a -fn … option
(I mean with a certain font). All the Cyrillic characters
displayed correctly. But I want to use another font (console8x16).
It includes Cyrillic characters too but at another offset.
As a result all the Russian words (I have Russian locale)
displayed by means of Greek and other characters. I've tried
to use setfont -u map-file, where map-file sets up correspondence
between symbol number and character code. This works in text
console only (at least it seems to me), not in MC.
How can I change the map in MC?
If I could to move arbitrary character from one position to another
in *.pcf font, in other words to edit pcf fonts, everything
would be Ok. 

What do you think?

Best regards,
 Vyacheslav                          mailto:vfilyayev d2 khai edu

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