Re: MC 4.6.0 hangs the whole system!

On Wed, 10 Sep 2003, Vladimir wrote:

Hi there, it seems that there is a serious bug in the MC code. The message is:
1. In KDe console, start MC in terminal mode
2. Several times open and close several different text files in mcedit. Maybe
it should be done in superuser mode (after "su" command from the user), i
can't understand. I mean, firstly run su, enter password, then start mc and
do those things.
3. The very time I exit the mcedit after 3-6(10 ??) files have been opened, it
hangs completely the whole system. Cursor is not moving, nothing is
happening. I have to press "Reset"

I have never seen anything like that, but I suggest that you try
Ctrl-Alt-F1 at this point.  If you cannot switch to the text console, the
problem is in the hardware (most likely video acceleration).

Pavel Roskin

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