Re: color problem on Debian with xterm (putty) at end of lines


Pavel Roskin wrote:
On a Debian unstable system, the 4.5.55-1.2 version of mc worked
perfectly. (It is compiled with SLang/terminfo). The 4.6.0 version has
color problems: from the end of a line (e.g. in view) to the right edge
of the screen the line is not background-colored, but black. I use it
with 'putty' terminal (xterm-compatible).

It's fixed in the current development version of putty.  If you don't want
to upgrade, select "background color erase" in the putty configuration.

Thank you for the helpful information. Setting the option above solved
the problem (although using to today's snapshot didn't change anything).


PS: just a personal question, not for debate: why SLang is used instead
of ncurses?

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