color problem on Debian with xterm (putty) at end of lines

Hi all!

On a Debian unstable system, the 4.5.55-1.2 version of mc worked
perfectly. (It is compiled with SLang/terminfo). The 4.6.0 version has
color problems: from the end of a line (e.g. in view) to the right edge
of the screen the line is not background-colored, but black. I use it
with 'putty' terminal (xterm-compatible).

The problem is that I didn't changed anything on the system, only the mc

Now, if I compile the xterm.ti in /usr/share/mc/term, it makes me
another problems: I have to explicitly specify the '-c' option to make
colors, or if I set the TERM to 'xterm-color', mc comes up with red and
yellow colors. I have manually modified the setf/setg capabilities to
setaf and setag, it now works.

My question is, why does not work well the 4.6.0 version with the
terminfo database which was good for 4.5.55?


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