Re: color problem on Debian with xterm (putty) at end of lines

On Wed, 7 May 2003, Fery wrote:

On a Debian unstable system, the 4.5.55-1.2 version of mc worked
perfectly. (It is compiled with SLang/terminfo). The 4.6.0 version has
color problems: from the end of a line (e.g. in view) to the right edge
of the screen the line is not background-colored, but black. I use it
with 'putty' terminal (xterm-compatible).

It's fixed in the current development version of putty.  If you don't want
to upgrade, select "background color erase" in the putty configuration.

Now, if I compile the xterm.ti in /usr/share/mc/term, it makes me
another problems: I have to explicitly specify the '-c' option to make
colors, or if I set the TERM to 'xterm-color', mc comes up with red and
yellow colors. I have manually modified the setf/setg capabilities to
setaf and setag, it now works.

It's a bug in S-Lang.  It was reported and hopefully fixed in the recent
releases (1.4.8, I believe).

You shouldn't need the "-c" option for mc 4.6.0 on terminals with correct

My question is, why does not work well the 4.6.0 version with the
terminfo database which was good for 4.5.55?

Version 4.6.0 uses a newer version of S-Lang with background color erase
(bce) support.

If you want to report more problems, please send the output of "mc -V"

Pavel Roskin

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