Re: how can I start MC in my language?


I've started mc in mongolian. But it looks like so!
Is the UTF encoding not supported yet? or?

No, it's not supported.  I realized it after I sent my previous e-mail to

I'm using SuSE8.1 with gnome2.2. :-)

I don't know why using SuSE or GNOME is considered so funny.

And this locale has a error!
If I type:
# localedef -f UTF-8 -i mn_MN mn_MN.UTF-8
LC_ADDRESS: `country_ab2' value does not match
`country_num' value
no output file produced because warning were issued

I think it's better if you offer your help to glibc developers.  I don't
thing this list is the best place to discuss it.

How can I use mc in mongolian?

I think you should add support for some encoding that has one symbol per
character, like koi8-r or iso-8859-5.

title      "Mongolian locale for Mongolia"
source     "Sanlig Badral"

Something is wrong with your mail client.  You have quoted my attachment.
Perhaps you shouldn't quote parts irrelevant to your reply.

Pavel Roskin

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