Problems with mc in a gnome-termnal 2.2.1


I've problems running mc in a gnome-terminal 2.2.1.

The key combination <alt><enter> for printing the current entry to the
command line doesn't work. The result is the same as pressing <enter>
(changing the directory).

If I press <normal-+><enter> or <normal--><enter> all files in the dir
are selected or unselected. But if I press <num-+><enter> or
<num--><enter> alle files in the directory are selected or deselected
but a "M" is printed to the command line. This is very ugly because the
next <enter> forces mc to execute "M" :-(

I use mc-4.5.55 but I tried also the current snapshot with the same

Is this a bug with gnome-terminal or mc and are there workarounds to fix
these problems?


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