Re: MC and vfs+dialog-boxes ?

|> 6. The results is displayed say on the right pane
|I think the last item is problematic, although you probably can simulate 
|it using extfs.  Everything else should work.  See e.g. "Do something on 
|the current file" in the default  There is no other scriptable 
|GUI in mc, only simple input dialogs.

]- hi again... how will i do the interconnection.. i mean between the "F2"-script and 
vfs-displaing-the-result in the MC left-or-right pane...
Sample of a browse :
1. i hit the db-name, the vfs script extract table names and display them..
2. I hit F2 choose my script... the script ask for the string...  i enter sql statement
3. the script exctract the data from the DB....

Now how it passes control to vfs-display part so that it can paint ...
One idea that comes to my mind if i can call Refresh (i.e. Ctrl+R) from the script then I can make a 
temporary file, so that the vfs script can check when it has to refresh if there is such file and draw it 
contents instead of what it have at the moment... !!!

Meanwhile I see that fish uses the status line to ask for the passwrod, is this line available to vfs &/or 

thanx again

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