Re: MC and vfs+dialog-boxes ?


]- hi again... how will i do the interconnection.. i mean between the
"F2"-script and vfs-displaing-the-result in the MC left-or-right pane...
Sample of a browse : 1. i hit the db-name, the vfs script extract table
names and display them.. 2. I hit F2 choose my script... the script ask
for the string...  i enter sql statement 3. the script exctract the data
from the DB....

It doesn't matter is you use F2 or click on the file - the menu and mc.ext 
use essentially the same parses.  You can ask for the string, run your 
software, create a file with the results and then use "%cd" to change to 
an external VFS that would interpret the file with the results.

I don't recommend you asking any questions from the extfs script if it
uses the screen (X11 should be fine).  The screen is not refreshed after
extfs runs its scripts, and this bug will be fixed, possibly by closing
any access to the terminal for those scripts.

Now how it passes control to vfs-display part so that it can paint ...
One idea that comes to my mind if i can call Refresh (i.e. Ctrl+R) from
the script then I can make a temporary file, so that the vfs script can
check when it has to refresh if there is such file and draw it contents
instead of what it have at the moment... !!!

I don't understand this.  Maybe you should just change to another virtual
directory, since "cd" is scriptable, and Ctrl-R is not.

Meanwhile I see that fish uses the status line to ask for the passwrod,
is this line available to vfs &/or F2-scripts

It's not a feature, it's a bug.  Don't rely on it.

Pavel Roskin

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