Re: MC and vfs+dialog-boxes ?


It seems FISH is not working always... it blocks on coping and i have to
exit MC and start it again..

It's a problem with dd on the remote side.  It's worked around in
4.6.0-pre1, although you still can get occasional errors while uploading
long files.

i mean the ability for me to code something like this w/o using C/C++ of
cource, but perl &/or bash :

1. User click say F2
2. choose option inserted there by me.(up to here everything is ok)
3. dialog box pop-up (created by my program) wich ask for a string/text
4. I enter say "SELECT * FROM table1" 
5. When I hit ENTER, my script get's the input makes query to the
database and then prepares output as required by MC (like the other vfs
scripts... tgz,rpm-browsers)
6. The results is displayed say on the right pane

I think the last item is problematic, although you probably can simulate 
it using extfs.  Everything else should work.  See e.g. "Do something on 
the current file" in the default  There is no other scriptable 
GUI in mc, only simple input dialogs.

|> - is there other kay for auto-completion, I can't use Alt+Tab under
|> console-running on X, 'cause Gnome uses Alt-Tab for app switching
|FAQ, question 2.1.

]- !!!! 
As I stated Alt+Tab is used by GNOME, so it can't be used by MC when I'm
runing it in console under GNOME. If I'm under "pure" console then there
is no problem..

Perhaps you didn't read FAQ, question 2.1.  That's the last time I'm
answering your questions.  There are many other subscribers in this list.  
Maybe they will explain you that in more details.

Pavel Roskin

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