is down

Hello! went down today at 4am EDT.  I was logged it and saw it going
down.  It's still down, and so is (and, which
is on the same subnet).  This means that I cannot get any e-mail and also
that I can only read the mc mailing lists using the archives.

On unrelated note, I'll be very busy at work during the next week, 
including even the next weekend.  Please don't worry that src/TODO grows - 
this trend will be reversed soon.  If anybody can help, send patches to 
the list - they all will be reviewed.

I'll check the held e-mails for the mailing lists every day, so they will
be approved (unless it's spam of course).

In case if there any need to contact me personally during the downtime, 
please write to plr1972 at

Pavel Roskin

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