MC hangs with a sertain user

Hi, I have got a problem with mc.

I ahve got 2 users with shell acces to my system; root and diederik.When I ogin with root and start using mc 
there is no problem! But when I login as diederik mc sometimes 
hangs when i try to start it it. But when it does start up it always hangs when i pres control o or when i 
try to excecute a file or script.

I have tried deleting the mc dir in diederik's home dir, a new dir is created automaticly but still the 
probl;em is there. I have tried to copy the ini file from root to diederik (and chow)  
but still the problem is there...

I find this very stranges because it only happens to 1 user but they have got the same ini.

I hope someone can help me out here.

PS I have got a Redhat 7.2 system with the standard mc installed, the user diederik was created during the 
instalaion proces of redhat.


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