MISTAKE in /etc/mc/mc.menu file!!


    First, sorry if I disturb you. I don't know if these are the 
e-mails I should address to, but I've found them in one of the 
documents of the mc-4.5.55 release and believe they'll be fine.

    I think I've discovered a mistake in the file /etc/mc/mc.menu 
that was as well in former releases, for in every version I've 
installed I've had to make the same correction:

    Both in lines 203 & 211 of the above mentioned file, the regular 
expression fed to egrep command needs putting a backslash before the 
"|" symbols (vertical slash?) in order for them to not lose their 
special meaning in the expression. I've obtained this information 
from the egrep manual.
    If not so, the command never finds no ".gz", ".z" or ".Z" 
extension in the input files and don't pass the "-d" option. So, when 
trying to decompress them with the "y" option in the User Menu, makes 
nothing and returns error.

    I believe you should fix this. Or somebody else. If you are not 
the man in charge, please resend this message to whom who is.


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