Re: MC hangs with a sertain user


I ahve got 2 users with shell acces to my system; root and diederik.When
I ogin with root and start using mc there is no problem! But when I
login as diederik mc sometimes hangs when i try to start it it. But when
it does start up it always hangs when i pres control o or when i try to
excecute a file or script.

This bug was fixed in 4.5.55.  As Dmitry Semyonov oktet ru correctly
suggests (but he forgot to cc: you), removing cons.saver could be a
workaround if you really don't want to upgrade mc.

PS I have got a Redhat 7.2 system with the standard mc installed, the
user diederik was created during the instalaion proces of redhat.

Redhat is very conservative with respect to mc.  Not only Redhat, but even 
today's Rawhide uses 4.5.51.

Pavel Roskin

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