Re: [PMH] Re: [Nautilus-list] Idea for Nautilus and GMC.


I talked with people on #interface last week and we thought it might be
good to have some "GNOME Filesystem Standard" for $HOME: 

         `---- Desktop/  <- grumble, but you know me :)
         `---- Documents/
                  `---- Images/
                  `---- Videos/
                  `---- Music/
                  `---- Downloads/
         `---- Programs/
                  `---- Evolution/
                  `---- Nautilus/

I agree completely, love the idea, fully, and totally.  

But here is a problem for you:

      How do you make that work in other languages other than

Possible solutions:

      1. Create the directories with their english names, show them
           with english names on the file system view, but on the
           `shortcuts' on file save/open dialogs use the translated

      2. Put everything in a well known location ~/GNOME, or
           ~/HOST or something, and make symlinks from ~/Programas
           into ~/HOST/Programs.  Create as many symlinks on the home
           directory as the user logs in as.  Create "virtual" directories for
           them (from Nautilus perspective, and show those on the
           standard dialogs).

      3. Ignore the problem, force everyone into using english

      4. Use `Unix' names for the various elements, and have "user
         names" which are shown into a few applications (file
         dialogs, file manager virtual directories).

         ~/docs       Shown as _("Documents")
         ~/bin        Shown as _("Programs")
         ~/packages   Shown as _("Software")
         ~/desktop    Shown as _("Desktop")

Option "4" sucks less. I really do not want to type rm -f ~/Programs/*
to free my disk space ;-), rm -f ~/bin/* is more friendly to my

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