Re: how to print a file with mcedit

Pavel, Jose,

I understand your point, but please next time avoid writing in this tone
(people like you etc).

You're completely right, I apologize. I shouldn't have reacted to Jose's
statement that "I am not coherent"

Actually I'm not considering "Print" for 4.6 either - there are more
important things in the queue, such as bugfixes and fix for ".." entries
that can greatly improve VFS speed.

I agree.

Mailing and printing functions should all go into the user menu, where
the user can adjust the functionality as an OPTION to mcedit rather than
having mc having to support it as a CORE-FUNCTION.

I agree.  But currently MC can ask one string at a time from the menu
scripts, so some core changes will be needed, or it will be very annoying.
Another solution would be to feed data into another program (e.g. Pine)
and have it interact with the user.

Yes, you're right about the single string. I'm not sure what you mean
exactly with the datafeed. Do you mean to create an ascii file which is
than piped into that other program?

Such as:

cat | workbone

and have mc do the file creation and pipe command to play a CD?
Or do you mean something completely different?


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