Re: how to print a file with mcedit

Hi, Steef!

If mcedit is a program for editing files may you explain me why it has a
command to sending mail (see Command-->Mail) ?
Yes, because people like you, that is people that like to put garbage
functions in mcedit put it in there. And it certainly wasn't me!

I understand your point, but please next time avoid writing in this tone 
(people like you etc).

Actually, free software become bloated not because of the users who
request more features.  They become large either because hard-working
developers are busy writing new code (good or bad code is another
question) or because the software incorporates something large (e.g. samba
library or a whole bunch of icons).  Developers are to blame (or to
praise), not the "demanding" users.

Implementing simple functionality using external tools (such as lpr) is 
not going to affect the size of the project very much.

For instance, take the mail function as an example. The way it works now
only allows to parse the file through a commandline like: "mail -s
<subject> -c <cc> <to>" for which you can fill in the three fields.
Now what if you want to send a blind carbon copy, bcc instead of cc?

Good guys (TM) don't send blind copies :-)

What if you want to cc more than 1 person?

Use comma and file a bugreport if it doesn't work for you :-)

Exactly, you have to turn to the commandline/another program!

It's in MC tradition to provide simple interface to most common functions.  
That's what most graphic interfaces do (except when the GUI is supposed to 
be the only way to do something).

The same would be the case for a printing command.

Exactly - you should not leave the editor just to print text on the 
default printer.

Remember: any half-supported function is an UNSUPPORTED FUNCTION.
(Pavel, are you listening?)

Yes.  I just can be busy to reply fast.

I agree with this point, but I don't think that many people would like to
be limited to a choice between command line and a _comprehensive_ GUI
(e.g. MacOS 9).

If a function is useful and the limitation is neither confusing nor
annoying you comment doesn't apply IMHO.

I think this feature is more unusual than a print function in an editor. ;)
I agree. The mail function should be deleted and the print function
should never be added.

I feel that the mail function actually can be improved by using better 
scripting support in MC.  But it's certainly not for mc-4.6.

Actually I'm not considering "Print" for 4.6 either - there are more
important things in the queue, such as bugfixes and fix for ".." entries
that can greatly improve VFS speed.

Mailing and printing functions should all go into the user menu, where
the user can adjust the functionality as an OPTION to mcedit rather than
having mc having to support it as a CORE-FUNCTION.

I agree.  But currently MC can ask one string at a time from the menu
scripts, so some core changes will be needed, or it will be very annoying.  
Another solution would be to feed data into another program (e.g. Pine)
and have it interact with the user.

Pavel Roskin

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