Re: Re: how to print a file with mcedit

Pavel Roskin <proski gnu org> schrieb am 07.12.01:
Ports of MC to non-POSIX systems are very experimental.  I don't expect
them to reach the users - they are toys for developers.  Sometimes it's
fun to debug MC in MSVC :-)

Pavel Roskin

Hi Pavel,

Sorry to contradict you,
but at least the Win32 (non-POSIX) port already reached the users.

Most of the users of my MC-Win32-distribution are non-developers, and they are using MC for their daily work.

Although the Win32 port is only half-featured, it is in many ways better than the "onboard" tools that 
Windows has to offer. 

The problem with the external posix commands is not as big as it might seem:
Many posix tools have already been ported to Win32, and can be freely bundled to the MC distribution.


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