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On 2/16/16, Yury V. Zaytsev <yury shurup com> wrote:
On 2/16/16, Mooffie <mooffie gmail com> wrote:
If I get write access to MC's wiki I can prepare a page listing the
steps to generate this documentation


Ouch! I created a MarkDown instructions page before I got your reply.
Here it is:

(I'll convert it to MC's wiki sometime.)

Could you please tell how much time is required for generation, I'm
wondering whether I can simply have it run upon every commit or rather
it would be more appropriate to let it run hourly / nightly or so.

As the instructions page explains, there are three commands to run
(gtags, htags, htagsfix). On my computer it takes about 3 minutes
total. But I'm using an old Pentium 4. I imagine modern computers do
this in at least 20% of the time: 35 seconds top.

Global doesn't seem to be available as a package on RHEL though?! :-(

I see that this is the newest 'global' version. Good. You can ignore
the "appendix" on the instructions page.

We can also provide a downloadable tarball
(around 12 MB) so people can have it right away.

Anybody who's interested can download the HTML archive here:

Replace "PASSWORD" with "bird" (sorry for this silly trick. I don't
want people to stress the server).

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