Re: Browsing the source

On Tue, 16 Feb 2016, Mooffie wrote:

I've uploaded a hyperlinked version of MC's source code here:

I've been using it to study MC's code and I hope others can find it useful too.

It was generated using a tool called "GNU GLOBAL".[1]

Yes, that's certainly very helpful for wrapping one's head around the sources.

I use Upsource at work for this purpose, but unfortunately (1) it doesn't fully support C/C++ (yet?) and (2) mc doesn't have a CMake build system, so when Upsource will gain support for C/C++, it would still be unable to process mc source.

If I get write access to MC's wiki I can prepare a page listing the steps to generate this documentation so people can generate it on their own computer (BTW, these are static HTML pages so there's no need for an HTTP server). Maybe the maintainers would like to put it on MC's official site. We can also provide a downloadable tarball (around 12 MB) so people can have it right away.

I can put it on or whatever would be the most appropriate URL if you can explain how to generate it.

Could you please tell how much time is required for generation, I'm wondering whether I can simply have it run upon every commit or rather it would be more appropriate to let it run hourly / nightly or so.

Global doesn't seem to be available as a package on RHEL though?! :-(

Re. wiki editing privileges, I can grant them as soon as I get access to my admin account.

Sincerely yours,
Yury V. Zaytsev

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