Re: [ANN] mc^2

On Mon, 2015-05-11 at 02:28 +0300, Paul Sokolovsky wrote:

Come on, how can I stop something new being accepted if I can't get
even a reasonable response and dialog from maintainers regarding a
5-year old issue with 2-years old patch at iteration #5, to which
maintainers themselves contributed?. You overestimate my powers. 

Very simply so; let me give you a specific example: last Sunday you took
the time that I personally could have put into looking further at
mooffie's patch away by starting an nonconstructive conversation.

Unfortunately, I felt the need to engage, because I was afraid that
mooffie will get an impression that his work is not welcome; however,
I'd really like to see it merged, and to get this done, it requires him
to re-apply his changes on top of master in smaller digestible chunks,
so that it can be properly reviewed. If he gets demotivated, I don't see
this happening.

So, as the time I could donate to OSS on this day ran out, I simply had
to close the laptop lid. One could see it as a primitive denial of
service attack...

Sincerely yours,
Yury V. Zaytsev

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