Re: [ANN] mc^2

On Sun, May 10, 2015 at 2:54 PM, Paul Sokolovsky <pmiscml gmail com> wrote:

... and the conversation is focused around priority of things to do,
which I argue should be fixing old bugs, then proceed with new things.
Because is "exciting new" is the only thing you're after, then
rewriting mc would be the best way to get a lot of that "new" and

No project can ever realistically reach the "there are no more bugs, so we can work on exciting new features" state.  E.g. on my other hobby project, where I've contributed much more work than to mc, I've fixed maybe about 100 bugs, yet the number of open tickets is higher than when I started.  Not because I code in such a quality (sure I do make mistakes every now and then), but because new ones are discovered and new features are requested.  And as you fix the most important ones, the bar goes lower and suddenly the previously less important ones become the most important now.  It's a never ending story.

Of course aiming for the other end is also terrible, the one where you don't care about bugs, yet wish to add tons of new features and keep aiming higher and higher.

A reasonable balance needs to be found.

mc has hardly received any new features recently (definitely nothing along the lines of scripting support), but has received many-many bugfixes.  You can't say "feature freeze until all bugs are fixed", probably bugs are discovered in a higher rate than fixed and we'd never get anywhere.  A project needs to evolve, even when it's not bugfree.  And also don't forget that plugin support would actually get us closer to fixing quite a few bugs.

Your arguments make me feel that you're personally offended because your pet peeve bug didn't get fixed so far, and in turn you'd like to stop getting something new accepted, just because you'd do it differently.  Well, do _it_ (not something else) the way you'd like to see it, and I'm sure we'll seriously consider accepting that.  Until then, Mooffie's work is what we have, and I see no reason to put any obstacle to this.  Just beacuse, oh my god, there's another bug that we could've fixed so far but we haven't...


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