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On Thu, 7 May 2015 23:27:23 +0200
Egmont Koblinger <egmont gmail com> wrote:


Did you... er... did you just rewrite half of mc... adding plugins and

It would be indeed cool to remove all that gnome-ish bloat accumulated
by decades, but - what a disappointment - home page says "that to
accomplish such feat there is no need to modify MC’s main code.".

Generally one good approach to deal with the situation would be to
rewrite mc completely in a scripting language. Extra points for using
language in which array indexing starts with e or pi, or going straight
to Brainfuck. No, I'm ironic with the last sentence on Lua choice, but I
really think the way out of the maze is rewriting mc from scratch, and
then surely in a decent scripting language.

At this moment all I can say is:  WOW!


On Thu, May 7, 2015 at 10:23 PM, Mooffie <mooffie gmail com> wrote:

Hi guys!

I've just published a branch of MC with Lua support:

See the "screenshots" link.

Also see the "other documents" link for background (especially

Many, many tickets can be solved with mc^2, but I don't want to spam
the ticket queue with my posts, so I've prepared a list of some such
tickets (see "other documents" -> "TICKETS").

(But in a few tickets I *will* comment: in tickets I believe a
constructive discussion could ensue, or where I feel people are
truly in need of a solution.)


Now, I guess I'll be attacked for one reason or another. Let me save
your time by attacking myself for you:


Q: "Is this a 'fork' of MC? Are you trying to split the community?"

A: No, this is not a "fork" (as per Wikipedia's definition). It's
intended to be "food for thought" for the MC community. My hope is
that eventually the principle behind mc^2 will be adopted by MC.


Q: "Is seems that you've invested a lot of time in this. Gosh, why
    waste human resources?! Especially on something that nobody's
    going to use?"

A: The time I "waste" here is negligible in comparison to the time
and efforts wasted by tens of people who have tried to contribute
code to MC over the years.

   The principle behind mc^2, if adopted by MC, is going to put an
end to this waste of human resources.


Q: "But why use Lua?!?! Why not pick the language that starts
    with 'P'?! Why not make it work with any language?!??!"

A: Let's not talk about languages/VMs *right now*. Please, as much
as it's tempting.

   Right now, the language is not the issue. The issue is the
   principle, of having some extension language.

   The language/VM is obviously something everybody will have
   something to say about. You will. But not now.

   If every passerby here will now emit his "2 cents" opinion/rant,
   it will kill the vision/project. It will start a Holy War. It
will derail the discussion from the mainroad to the gutters. It's
the least constructive thing that could happen. It means death.

   In the future, when we know the principle will be regarded
favorably by MC's maintainers, we could open this issue and discuss

   One thing's for sure: You can't give an opinion about the subject
   without considering it for at least a week (or a month, I'd say).
   There are various facets to consider. There are threads of
thoughts to be picked and discarded. There are insights to be
acquired. You can't just barge in with "use Python!!", "use
Parrot!", "use GObject!". As the Chinese saying goes, "Opinions are
like belly buttons: everybody has one". It should take more, much
more, than an "opinion" to affect the discussion.

   So, again: let's not talk about languages now.

   (For the record: I recorded my reasons for choosing Lua in
   "other documents" -> "HISTORY".)
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