Re: [ANN] mc^2

On 5/10/15, Paul Sokolovsky <pmiscml gmail com> wrote:

... and the conversation is focused around priority of things to do [...]
is "exciting new" is the only thing you're after, then


Nowhere did I market mc^2 as bringing "exciting new stuff".

If you'd checked out mc^2 site, you'd have found a page listing
reasons to have scripting support. You'd have discovered that one of
my major motives was to help fix this heartbreaking situation of users
whose patches get "ignored". I mention there the frustration and
embitterment they feel.

It was even in my announcement message here on this mailing list.

Read it again. Nowhere do I use the words "features" or "new" or
"exciting" or "shiny".

The words I *do* use there are "to put an end to this waste of human resources".

Read mc^2 frontpage again. The one out of which you plucked one
sentence. Does it have "exciting" or "new" or "features" or "shiny" on

No, it hasn't.

It talks about making MC's code leaner, and fixing bugs.

What's ironic, Paul, is that if you'd bothered to check out mc^2 you'd
have seen that it concurs with your own agenda. It's just that while
you're just preaching (or bickering, should I say), I'm actually


If you ever bother to read the documents there, or my few messages
here, you'll see that I make it a principle to hand over all policy
decisions to the community/maintainers. I market mc^2 only as "food
for thought", and I mention directions in which the community, not me,
may choose to go. I also state (the obvious) that the community is
free to deem my work garbage.

I submit myself to their will because I know it's the only way to go
forward in order to achieve the goal, and the goal is not "shiny
exciting new features" but keeping MC alive and solving the heartaches
of the contributors and users.

Now, don't bother to compose a reply, Paul. I think you'll agree with
me that we probably won't manage a very constructive discussion here.
I'll welcome any private email from you if you wish to, though.

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