Re: [ANN] mc^2

Well, I'm not an MC developer, I've also unsubscribed from the mailing list long ago, but I still get all the emails. So please allow me to be your kind troll.

On 2015-05-10 12:12, Paul Sokolovsky wrote:
As a shameless plug, I can offer a better alternative: . It would offer about the same footprint as Lua, while offering more pleasant data model, and well-known standard library. As a full disclosure, it's rather younger than Lua (but pretty well developed at 4K commits) and it would be first (known, as it's BSD, anyone can do it secretly) standalone project to embed it.

Your alternative is obviously a working implementation in Micropython. Not?

Fairly speaking, Mooffie is very lucky that his random hack got so much attention. There're simpler and more important issues which are open for 5+ years, to whose solution number of people contributed over these years, including Slava and Ilia themselves, and which are stuck with no review/response (not counting completely out of way, bureaucratic write-offs):

I wish all my random hacks were this well documented...

And if you asked me how to define an unimportant issue, I'd probably say, well, if it's been open for 5+ years, it's most definitely not important.

My 2 agorot

PS: how can I unsubscribe from the list?

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