Re: Reply-To header missing for mailing list(s)

Slava Zanko, 09.03.2012 10:19:
> 08.03.2012 19:55, Alexander Kriegisch wrote:
>> Attn. mailing list admin: Usually mailing lists set the Reply-To
>> header to the list's mailing list so as to enable users to just use
>> "reply" instead of "reply to all" which usually needs extra keys or
>> clicks and is easily forgotten (it just happened to me, so I
>> answered to Andrew privately instead of to the list and had to
>> re-send the message).
> My Thunderbird-10.0.1 I have few buttons: 'Reply' and 'Reply to
> maillist'. I don't feel any troubles with posting answers to maillist
> or to author only. Probably, you need to change your mail client... :)

Well, TB 10.0.2 (if it is not iPad Mail when I am on the road or on the
sofa) here, as you can easily see if you check my User-Agent header. And
I do not use the buttons, but am conditioned to Ctrl-R (reply). Yeah, I
could also use Shift-Ctrl-L (reply to list), but the thing is, I am
writing so many e-mails. Each time it would take an active decision like
"now is this a mailing list and I need to press the other keys"? We are
in 2012 and 99% of all mail clients would handle a Reply-To header
correctly, i.e. reply to the list by default.

Again, as I said in the other thread: I am a mailing list admin for
Freetz myself, and first of all we think of our users (not of us as
admins or geeks) to make it easier for 90% of them. You should not need
to be a geek or expert user or be told by a smart guy "just change your
mailer" just to be able to easily answer to mailing lists correctly. So
ask yourself: Am I a user? Do you regard me to be your client? I would
do so if you were a Freetz user.

Also ask yourself: What the heck would you lose by reconfiguring your
mailing list to set Reply-To? Anything?
Alexander Kriegisch (kriegaex)

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