Re: mc.ext is problematic by nature

On Sun, Apr 22, 2012 at 3:55 PM, Holger Herrlich
<holgerherrlich05 arcor de> wrote:
> Your last change to convince me by argument. Exspecially, I miss
> advantages you clained.

Given the lack of positive reception at this point I couldn't care
less about convincing anybody.  I still want to express my thoughts
cleanly, though.

> For don't-care-systems simply use the appropriated applications.
> Please note, that to override the native way to define associations via
> mc.ext, a config-ascii file -- not something hardcoded, _is_ changing
> mc.ext behavior. That also claims your thread title: "mc.ext is
> problematic by nature".

I didn't mean hardcoded, it's not the right word indeed.  What I meant
is that given the cross-platform nature of MC, chances are mc.ext
won't contain the right associations out of the box right after
installation.  It has to be edited which could be avoided on Linux
desktops (and maybe on some other platforms, too) in most cases by
using the feature that I am suggesting.

László Monda <>

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