Re: mc.ext is problematic by nature

On 04/07/2012 12:04 AM, László Monda wrote:
> Hi List,
> Upon reinstalling Linux I had to face mc.ext having lots of
> associations that refer to outdated applications.  This is a specific
> case but there's a general problem.
> The first problem is that MC is supposed to be a cross-platform file
> manager and as such it's not possible to cherry-pick applications that
> are the best on every platform.  The second problem is that these
> applications are in flux and the most popular ones will change by
> time.
> There are lots of tickets requesting mc.ext changes because of the
> above.  On the long run this is a fight against windmills.
> Has anybody considered using platform-specific native registries of
> file associations instead of using mc.ext?
> (Maybe mc.ext shouldn't be deprecated but platform-specific native
> registries should be the default and those could be overridden in
> mc.ext.)

Please note that this solution is applied in firefox such that !wine!
notepad is launched for text files in linux -- no way to disable the

Regards Holger

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