Re: Cross-compiling to mipsel-linux with uClibC 0.9.28?

On Sat, 17 Mar 2007, Alexander Kriegisch wrote:

I wrote:
I would like to know if this is possible for mc-4.6.1. If so, how? I am
not a C programmer and have limited knowledge of make, automake,
autoconf. I only know that configure complains about glibc not being
part of my toolchain, which is intended because glibc is not the library
of choice for embedded systems like my WLAN router.


Sorry, I that was GLib, not glibc. I just noticed that subtle but
important naming difference. So I think it might get hard to do what I
want, I guess. I would be glad to get some input anyway. How deeply
entwined are GLib calls into MC? Does it use many of them or might it be
possible to "expand" a few in order to get rid of the dependancies?
Being naive again, probably, and speculative as well. Thanks for bearing
with it.

Have you tried building glib for you platform ?

Another question which arises now is: Which was the latest MC version
*not* using GLib? I am currently running mc-4.5.0, and it works fine.

Unfortunately I cannot tell but it really would be something old - more than 6 years old...

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