Re: Cross-compiling to mipsel-linux with uClibC 0.9.28?

> Have you tried building glib for you platform ?

Yes, I have, and successful. But then I had another problem which I
don't remember just now. I tried a week ago or so, I already wiped the
directories because I had not expected an answer anymore. I might try
again on a day when I have more time to play. Actually, I can live well
enough with 4.5.0, I just wanted to giv it a try because nobody seems to
have given it a shot so far.

>> Another question which arises now is: Which was the latest MC version
>> *not* using GLib? I am currently running mc-4.5.0, and it works fine.
> Unfortunately I cannot tell but it really would be something old - more 
> than 6 years old...

If you find out by means of CVS log, "what's new" docs or whatever, let
me know. Thanks for now

Alexander Kriegisch

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