Re: Cross-compiling to mipsel-linux with uClibC 0.9.28?

I wrote:
> I would like to know if this is possible for mc-4.6.1. If so, how? I am
> not a C programmer and have limited knowledge of make, automake,
> autoconf. I only know that configure complains about glibc not being
> part of my toolchain, which is intended because glibc is not the library
> of choice for embedded systems like my WLAN router.
> If this question seems stupid, I apologise. If it has been asked before,
> I have not found it by thoroughly searching the archives of both mc and
> mc-devel.

Sorry, I that was GLib, not glibc. I just noticed that subtle but
important naming difference. So I think it might get hard to do what I
want, I guess. I would be glad to get some input anyway. How deeply
entwined are GLib calls into MC? Does it use many of them or might it be
possible to "expand" a few in order to get rid of the dependancies?
Being naive again, probably, and speculative as well. Thanks for bearing
with it.

Another question which arises now is: Which was the latest MC version
*not* using GLib? I am currently running mc-4.5.0, and it works fine.
Alexander Kriegisch

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