Re: Midnight Commander mod with Colorer-take5 syntax engine


This command line option defaults to /usr/local. This patch is
just a proof of concept thing. I am posting it so that you can
test it and then we can discuss it.

For me this patch looks fine, its good idea for MC to detect colorer's
library presence in runtime.

However the implementation is not rather straightforward because of
that separate glue library.

If such a dynamic loading is best case for MC, maybe it is worth
implementing it in more 'valid' way? I mean I can develop a set of
'neutral' C API, which will be included directly into libcolorer.

Then MC can dynamically load libcolorer and import all the required
API functionality as it imports 'colorer_get_interface' via gmodule in
Pavel's version.

Surely it will require additional efforts as on my side, as on MC
side, but with this we'll get better colorer's integration with MC.
Moreover colorer will get a general C-based API, which it doesn't have

Pavel, whats your opinion on this?

Igor, do you mind moving the declarations of the classes found in
syntax-colorer.cpp to syntax-colorer.h ? This way we could move
all the C functions from syntax-colorer.cpp to
syntax-colorer-interface.cpp and make them static and only accessible
thru colorer_interface_t.

Within this model surely it can be changed in this way.


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