Re: Midnight Commander mod with Colorer-take5 syntax engine

Hello Igor,

On Wed, 2006-06-21 at 23:26 +0400, Igor Russkih wrote:
> On 6/21/06, Leonard den Ottolander <leonard den ottolander nl> wrote:

> Colorer library can be disabled either during compilation time

Switching at run time would be nice. At least as a startup option.
> Just a single ru.po file with a few additions.

And sr.po.

> For all the next comments it seems to be a misunderstanding (possibly
> because my diff is based on MC-2006-05-30-15 snapshot, not the latest
> one).

These are no misunderstandings, just differences I noticed between
mccolorer and mc-CVS. I already filtered out some m4 related makefile

> > - There are a lot of added comments/fixes in that I do not
> > see in your patch. Please submit separately.

These are comments and fixes in your mccolorer, not available in CVS.
Are you using patches from others?

> > - You got rid of the COPYING.LGPL file in vfs. I think this might be a
> > mistake on your part. You might want to rectify that for your version.

For some reason this file got lost in your mccolorer tarball.

> > - You made some fixes to the config files as well that seem same. Please
> > submit those separately for review.
> > - I noticed changes in vfs/samba/configure. Most of this are somewhat
> > odd whitespace changes, but there appear to be some hunks at the top and
> > bottom to actually do something. Please submit (not the whitespace) :) .

These are patches you seem to be using that are not in CVS. This is why
I ask you to submit them for review.

> I'll upmerge with latest CVS MC revision and resend it.

The CVS tarball I'm using is only 2 weeks newer than yours. I'm not
speaking of the recent changes to CVS.

> The main problem with this is that syntax-colorer.cpp file makes
> direct connection between mc editor data and colorer's code.
> Technically it is possible to extract a kind of 'generic' C API and
> include it on library side. In this case MC will have pure C codes.

Is it technically possible to reimplement that c++ code in c? (This is
just theoretical question, I don't ask you to do it.)

> >From the other side this will not release MC from libcolorer
> dependency - and this means that  if user wants to compile and use
> mc-colorer, he anyway should have C++ environment.
> I mean I see no reason to eliminate that C++ code from MC: those who
> have C-only environments can just disable colorer's support in compile
> time.

Yes, I guess you are right. We might want to put the colorer code in a
different directory though.

> > P.S. Could you please set your mail client to produce plain text mails
> > and use an indentation character and a "replying to" line for quotes?
> sorry, fixed.

Thanks :)

mount -t life -o ro /dev/dna /genetic/research

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